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How to assemble and clean the Roborock S7 brush

It’s important to remove the main roller brush off your Roborock S7 robot vacuum occasionally to remove any hair or debris that may have built up underneath it.  If left to build up, eventually anything stuck will increase the friction on the brush and eventually burn out the small electric motor driving the brush.

To remove the ends:

Remember what it looks like...

Before removing the pieces, try to remember what it looks like when fully assembled.

Twist off one end

One end has a simple grey collar with a black square inside it.  Twist the grey part anti-clockwise to remove – there shouldn’t be much resistance if done properly.

Remove the other end

On the end with the hexagonal black shape, twist the grey collar clockwise to remove.  Note: the little black cap is a separate piece so make sure to catch it.

To reassemble the brush:

Attach a collar to the square end

Find the square end of the black shaft.  Rotate either of the grey collars on clockwise.  There is an arrow on the inside of the grey collar to line up with the groove.

Attach collar to the other end

Twist the remaining grey collar anti-clockwise into the other end. Again, look for the arrow on the collar and match it to the groove.

Fit the end cap

Push the black end cap over the exposed shaft.  No need to twist – it slides straight on.  Make sure to put the copper end on the inside.

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