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Roborock’s 2023 range explained – S8 Pro Ultra, S8+, Q Revo, S7 Max Ultra

As if selecting a robot vacuum wasn’t already confusing enough, Roborock have just released a whole new range of high-end robot vacuum and mop combos. 

So far in 2023, they have released the S8, S8+, S8 Pro Ultra, Q Revo, and just to really confuse everyone, the S7 Max Ultra.

This article will not be as in-depth or exhaustive as our individual videos, however I will explain the range and the key features you need to know to make a decision, and try not to overwhelm you even more.

There’s a lot to love about all of the robots, and all of them will probably impress you if you’re new to this.  However, to keep things balanced I’ll list the features and the cons (as I see them), to help you reach a decision.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

This is Roborock’s latest flagship.  It is very similar to the previous Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, however it now features twin rubber roller brushes, a new design and a drying function in the dock.

For the newcomers, it features: 6,000 pascals of suction and ultrasonic mopping that automatically lifts on carpet.  The Ultra dock empties the dirt, washes the mopping pads, fills the water tanks and dries the mop after cleaning.

The biggest news is the dual roller brushes, which excel situations where agitating the carpet is necessary, such as deep carpet or with pet hair. I found it out-performed the single-roller S7 MaxV in my tests, however other reviewers have discovered it performs worse in some scenarios.  I theorise there is some pressure loss due to the larger opening for the twin rollers, which may decrease performance for denser debris like sand.  On the whole, the dual rollers are superior in my experience though.

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Watch our full S8 Pro Ultra review.

Mopping performance was also improved, partially down to the increased vibrational area on the mopping pad.


  • Price. It is the most expensive option on this list, and some of the features of the Ultra dock may be an expensive convenience when you can get the S8 or S8+ for a fraction of the price.
  • You can’t remove the mopping plate or water tank.  This may be a servicing/repair headache in future.  It also means that if you have thick pile carpet and the 5mm automatic mop raise function is insufficient that there’s nothing you can do.
  • For some this may be a pro, however you can no longer remotely view the camera via the app.

Roborock S8, Roborock S8+

Confusingly, this robot is very similar to the S8 Pro Ultra, except with the ability to remove the mopping plate and water tank.  The big difference is in the dock – the standard S8 dock can only recharge the robot, whereas the S8 Plus includes an auto-emptying dock.

It has the exact same navigation and vacuuming performance as the S8 Pro, however slightly worse mopping performance.

As with most things, there is probably a sweet spot in the middle for value and I think the S8+ with auto-emptying is a solid option, unless you have a lot of hard-flooring.


  • You may have to empty regularly with the S8.  With the S8+ you will have to fill the water tank and clean the mopping pads.
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Watch our S8, S8 Plus and S8 Pro Ultra comparison video.

Roborock Q Revo

In 2022 Roborock tried to launch the Q-series as a mid-tier option to compete with the likes of Dreame or Ecovacs.  The Q5 and Q7 never really gained traction, and will likely be promptly forgotten.

The new Q Revo has already gained much more attention, as it’s the first Roborock to have rotational mopping pads.  It’s also the first “non-flagship” Roborock to have Ultra-dock capabilities (auto-emptying dust-bin and self-washing mopping).  The S7/S8 series use ultrasonic vibrations to loosen muck, while the Q Revo’s mops spin like the pads on a handheld polishing gun.  Anyone watching would think the Q Revo would be massively superior, however the reality is that the S7/S8 series mops are deceptively effective and there are minor improvements on the Q Revo during our testing. 

Despite having 5,500 pascals of suction, the vacuuming performance seems slightly worse than the previous S7 MaxV Ultra.  It is noticeably quiet, and uses a single roller brush, so it is ideal for hard-floor performance but may be less than ideal for pet hair or thicker carpets.

Overall, it’s one of the most exciting robots in the range thanks to its sharp price point, making some of those premium features a tiny bit more affordable.


  • Vacuuming performance is adequate but worse on carpet than other current Roborock options.
  • Object avoidance is poor (not to be confused with general navigation.  This is specifically for avoiding items lying on the floor that it may get stuck on).
  • Build quality feels and looks a bit cheaper than the S-series.

Roborock S7 Max Ultra

In a world of confusing product names, I think this is probably the winner for 2023.  This is the most recent Roborock, released after the S8 series, and not to be confused with the S7 MaxV Ultra, although it shares a lot of similarities.  

I will specifically compare it to the S7 MaxV Ultra, as that is what is what everyone will be confused with.

Again, it has 5,500 pascals of suction and an Ultra dock (yes, self-emptying and self-washing mops).  Unlike the S7 MaxV Ultra, this one also includes an auto-drying function for the mops after cleaning.  This is one of the most discussed features online, however I personally feel it isn’t that big of a deal.  

It has a single rubber roller brush, which may improve vacuuming performance on denser items like sand, however will decrease hair pick up on carpet.

Unlike the S7 MaxV Ultra, you can’t remotely view the camera via the app and drive the robot around the home, as the S7 Max uses a black and white camera instead of RGB.

To me, this is a robot for people who want an S8 Pro Ultra, however don’t have particularly thick carpet or pets, and want to save a little bit of money.


  • Poor naming choice! 
  • Uses the “old” Ultra dock style with the exposed individual containers for the water and dirt.


Confused? Here are my 2 cents.

S8 Pro Ultra = best if no fixed budget, great for all scenarios.

S8+ = best option for houses with 70+% carpet and would prefer not to spend more than necessary.

S8 = you want the cleaning performance of the best and don’t mind emptying it to save a few dollars.

Q Revo = you love getting value for money and have a lot of hard-flooring.

S7 Max Ultra = you got a good deal or love the design.

If you’re in New Zealand and Australia, you may be wondering if the Q Revo or S7 Max Ultra will launch here.  We’re not sure yet – send us a message as the situation may have changed after this article is published.

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