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3 Cool Robovac Features to Look For

On the face of it, robot vacuums seem like weird little machines that tentatively explore your home, picking up whatever can be easily swept up in their path. However – there is so much more to some of the “smart-navigating” robots and we think everyone should know about their cool features. 

1. They can build a virtual map of your home

Some robovacs can navigate around a house and build a map of the entire floor-plan.  You can watch (mesmerisingly) through the app as the bot builds a map while it explores for the first time. It slowly circles around each of the objects placed around your house. You can see where the dining table is in the kitchen, the couches in the living room or even the little nightstand in the bedroom. Once the floor plan is complete you can then use the app and direct the bot to specific areas for cleaning. Certain robovacs can also save multiple maps, which means you can take the bot up and down stairs of a multi-level house and it doesn’t have to rebuild the map each time. 

2. “No-go” zones

Most of us have areas in our home which are just a nightmare to vacuum. Maybe it’s a musical section of the lounge with an electric guitar tentatively balancing on a stand, or a hectic cord situation surrounding your TV. Often you simply avoid these areas with a traditional upright vacuum. Luckily, most “smart” robots let you build virtual walls into the map and the robot will treat these boundaries as if there was a physical wall there. You can let the robot go out for its clean without worrying what mischief it might get up to in the more “cluttered” areas. 

3. Automatic scheduling. 

Remembering to vacuum is one thing, committing yourself to actually doing it is a whole other thing entirely. Robovacs can take all that pressure off your busy schedule. “Scheduling” features within the app let you instruct the robot to clean whenever it’s convenient for you. For example, you could set the robot to clean every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm just in time for you to arrive home from work at 5 to a freshly vacuumed house. 

There are countless other features that will amaze you when it comes to robovacs. These are just a few we think people really need to know about.

Leave a comment or share some thoughts if you would like to know more about the wonderful world of robotics! 

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